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    Originally aired on 23/08/2014 & 30/08/2014 on Mix Up Exclusives for Triple J Australia

  3. Position - Taken From The Position EP - Hyperdub 2014 25/08
    Video by Romain Cieutat.

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  4. Lexdray City Series
    Volume 37 
    Welcome to Heathrow
    Mixed by Ikonika

  5. #hyperdub10 party in #Ldn 3rd September 2014


  6. Tracklist: http://www.factmag.com/2014/07/30/fact-mix-453-ikonika/

    A key cog in the Hyperdub machine, Ikonika steps up for her second FACT mix.

    Since debuting with ‘Please’ in 2008, Ikonika has not just become a key part of the Hyperdub stable, but one of the UK’s most reliable producers – developing her early, sample-led bleep sound into a more fully-fleshed, hardware-driven aesthetic over the last half-decade. Although her studio set-up – as she showed FACT TV recently – has expanded in recent years, her music’s never fallen into the trap of mixdowns over hooks, and her latest EP Position is as rich in melody as anything she’s done before.

    She also only seems to get better as a DJ. Loosely speaking, her sets revolve around r’n’b, grime, house and techno, but even when pulling the floor out from a 4×4 pulse (as she does several times in this mix), they never feel disjointed – instead, she’s one of the best around at working club dynamics to their maximum.

    Ikonika and four others from Hyperdub – Cooly G, Scratcha DVA, Laurel Halo and label founder Kode9 – will be performing at Poland’s Tauron Nowa Muzyka. The festival runs from August 21 to 24 – for tickets and more information, head here.

    Get in the mood with her midweek FACT mix, which centres around her own tracks but also features Scratcha DVA, Moleskin, Neana, Georgia Girls and more.


  7. New Ikonika, due out on Hyperdub on Vinyl EP and Digital 25th of August


  10. The 2ND in a new mix series hosted on my sound cloud every 2 weeks.

    I reach out to a producer/label whom I respect for a guest mix, it airs on my radio show (www.kissfmuk.com/sinden/) then it appears here a week later for stream and stays for 2 weeks.

    Then we rotate.

    Shout out to Ikonika for this one!

    Mix originally broadcast on Kiss FM on June 30th 2014.

    Ikonika - Position
    Cooly G feat DVA - Oi Dirty
    Funkystepz - Fuller
    Kode9 - Black Sun
    Burial - South London Boroughs
    Kode9 vs LD - Bad
    Kode9 - 9 Samurai (Quarta 330 Remix)
    Laurel Halo - Chance of Rain
    2000F & J Kamata - You Don’t Know What Love Is
    Mark Pritchard feat Om’mas Keith - Wind It Up
    Ikonika - Praxis

  11. Ikonika ‘Position EP’

    HDB085 out 25th August 2014


    01. Position
    02. Praxis
    03. Strawberry Underlay
    04. Wakeup Sequence
    05. Mega Church (Perc Remix)
    06. You Won’t Find It Here (VIP)
    07. You Won’t Find It Here (VIP) (Alex Deamonds Edit)

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    Photo by Louise Chen ©


  14. 1. Tuff Sherm - Bad Company (Delroy Edwards Remix)
    2. Ikonika X Sega Sound Team - Backhand Winners X Knuckles’ Theme
    3. Ikonika X L-Vis 1990 - Mr Cake X RZ 1
    4. Ikonika - Wake Up Sequence
    5. Neana On The Trak - Bow Kat Drum Trak
    6. Nicki Minaj feat. Soulja Boy (Yasss Bitch) (MikeQ Fix It Pussy Remix)
    7. Dance System - No More
    *Ikonika - Beach Mode feat Jessy Lanza (Percapella)*
    8. Tripeo - Kienokki
    9. Georgia Girl & Trapdoor - So Seductive
    10. Massacooramaan - EXU Drumz
    11. Ikonika - Strawberry Underlay
    12. Bok Bok - Howard
    13. Hysterics - Code Switch (Georgia Girls Hollow Nose Edition)
    14. Matrixxman - Simulation (Creepy Autograph Translation)
    15. Ikonika - You Won’t Find It There (VIP)
    16. J. Tijn - Drum2
    17. Ikonika - Position
    18. Ikonika - Diffusion Bonding Process
    19. Maxwell Church - Doldruk
    20. MMM - Jack7
    21. Cardopusher - FNKTN
    22. Ikonika - Shovel
    23. Ikonika - Stick Shaker
    24. Champion - Powercut
    25. Alex Deamonds - Let You Go
    26. Massacooramaan - Venomous Drumz
    27. DJ Funk - The Original Video Clash: Video Clash II (Street Mix)
    28. Kuedo - Mtzpn
    29. Bok Bok - Funkiest (Be Yourself)
    30. TryTryDieDown - Madness
    31. Mumdance - Take Time (Instrumental)
    32. Ikonika - Tug Zone